Drive at 16


Learn at 16

Want to get a head start and be unafraid of getting into a car when you are 17? You dont even need a provisional licence!

We offer a comprehensive 1.1/2 hour lesson at Westpoint Exeter designed to take the stress out of learning to control the car in a quiet enviroment. Its a practice road network including junctions, pedestrian crossings , roundabouts, traffic lights and signs etc.

During your lessons, we will introduce all the controls of the vehicle to you and explain how they work, get you moving off and stopping the car and doing basic junction work.

One of our experienced instructors will arrange to pick you up in Torbay and take you up to Westpoint. (Unlike many driving schools OUR 1.1/2 hour lesson does not start until we get to Westpoint)


The opening times for the Westpoint circuit are Monday - Saturday 9am - 430pm

So, book your lesson TODAY and get yourself ready and able. Dont forget, you do NOT need a provisional licence for this,but you do need something to prove your age. 

A Full 1.1/2 Hour Lesson plus travel to / from Westpoint


ONLY £50 

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