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patient, friendly and reliable

Customer Review 
Richard Parson 
“I carried out a lot of research when I was looking to learn to drive. I read the reviews about Williams Driving School that they had Instructors who were patient, friendly and reliable. In addition to this they have a good first time pass rate so it ticked all the boxes!! My Instructor was Richard Butterworth and he had great teaching methods which I found great. I was able to understand his instruction. I would definitely recommend Williams driving School to others, I was never disappointed with my lessons!!"

I wanted one that was reliable.

Customer Review 
Jabob Magill

When I was looking for a driving school I wanted one that was reliable. After reading some of the many reviews on Williams Driving School website, I decided to use them.
My instructor was called Marc Rosindale and he was very reliable and had great teaching methods which made learning a lot less stressful than I had imagined. 
The service I received was really good. 
“I would like to say a big THANK-YOU to Marc and the rest of the Williams Driving School

I really enjoyed my driving lessons

Daniel Kilbee
Customer Review 
When I was looking for a driving school, it was very important that I found an instructor who was patient, as I am a very quiet person. 
I was aware that Williams Driving School were not the cheapest driving school in the area, but I read the reviews and felt it was worth paying a little more for lessons to get better quality lessons. I wasn’t wrong as I passed 1st time. 
Dave Williams was my instructor and he was very good to learn with, he explained everything very clearly, he was patient and didn’t shout. . I really enjoyed my lessons and enjoy driving my car to gardening jobs..

Because of my experience I will be recommending Williams Driving School

Customer Reviews Newton Abbot, Liam Hanslip
“I was looking for a Driving Instructor that would be patient and have the right attitude. I was really looking for an instructor who explained things simply, In addition to this value for money when deciding who to choose.
Learning with Williams Driving School matched all my expectations, it was great!! My Instructor was Marc Rosindale and I found his teaching methods to be smooth, he was professional, motivating and this all helped to build my confidence. I could not have asked for a better instructor than Marc. Because of my experience I will be recommending Williams Driving School and Marc others.” Customer Reviews Newton Abbot, Liam Hanslip

I was recommended Williams Driving School by a friend

"I was recommended Williams Driving School by a friend.

My Instructor Stephen Croucher was patient and supportive making the learning stress free which all helped to build my confidence. Steve had an incredibly knowledge and used various teaching methods to help me pass.

I will be recommended Williams Driving School to others due to my experience as my Instructor Steve was a fantastic instructor and I was able to trust him to help me pass my driving test”

Hamish Evans



My instructor was very friendly but also professional.

“I choose Williams Driving School as it had a High Pass Rate for Automatic Driving Test.

My instructor was Alex Joseph and he was very friendly but also professional.

I know that the theory test was going to be hard as English is my second language but with the help of the free Theory Test Pro that Dave Williams helped me set up I did pass!

I would like to say the service given was of the highest quality and cannot recommend Alex and Williams driving School enough. THANK YOU!”

Liaai Whitehead ( Cui Hong Ai )


Marc has very good teaching methods!

"A Driving School that had a good reputation, good prices and customer feedback was important for me when choosing Williams Driving School

“My Driving Instructor Marc Rosindale was very good and made me feel safe. I was surprised about the amount of rules on the road but Marc had very good teaching methods and most importantly was patient with me!

“I was very satisfied with my experience and found everything to be really good and would recommend the school to others due to the service I received."
Elijah Daka

My Driving Instructor was fantastic

Driving Lessons Newton Abbot

"For me it was important that my driving instructor understood my special needs and that I felt safe and also that the teaching methods were very effective. Learning to drive was a massive accomplishment for me and not was not as nerve racking as I expected.

"My Instructor, Richard Butterworth, was fantastic and made my experience of learning to drive very enjoyable. I would recommend the School and Richard in particular as he understood my needs and adjusted to them. I was more than happy about the service I received and felt that I got great value for my money"

Antony Burrows of Kingsteignton

Marc seemed more chilled out than my last instructor

Sam Dixon from Chelston, Torquay, who passed his tested on 10th March 2016, said this about Williams Driving School:

Some important factors for me when picking a driving instructor are that they are trustworthy instead of milking driving lessons. In this case with Marc, he pushed me to take my driving test as soon as I was ready, although I did fail first time which was my fault entirely for being sloppy, the 2nd time round I felt very confident with only 4 minors. Before I met Marc, I roughly had about 10/15 lessons a few years back and then moved out of the country for a while, so I had a rough idea on how it was going to plan out, but Marc seemed a lot better and more chilled out than my last instructor, which suited me.

I found Marc’s teaching methods brilliant, as he knew what I was struggling with instantly and then worked on them throughout the lessons. He never got stressed when I did something wrong; we got along very well which was great. I would recommend Williams Driving School because, although I had only 6/7 lessons with Marc, I enjoyed my time driving.

Well done Sam! I look forward to seeing you driving around in your new car soon.

Best wishes from Dave, Marc and all team at Williams School of Motoring!

I looked for someone who was local and experienced.

Driving Lessons Paignton

“When I was looking for a driving school, I mostly looked for someone who was local, experienced and who I or my friends knew already. Dave Williams, my instructor, was friendly, funny, and had a nicely maintained car. It was almost as if Dave adapted his teaching methods to suit me and my personality. Learning to drive was much easier than I expected and the support from Dave meant if I had any issues, he was able to help wherever I needed.

“To pass with only 1 minor, and for that minor to be undue hesitation, in my opinion you can never be too safe, which is why I’d recommend Dave to my friends, as he teaches you to be a real, safe driver, not just to pass your test.”


Matt Phillips, Paignton   Passed 8th March,

Steve made it easy and simple.

“The most important factors about my choice of driving school was to choose someone who could get me through my test quickly, but also had a good reputation and many positive customer reviews!

Learning to drive was more difficult than I had anticipated but Steve made it easy and simple.

Steve believed in the fact I could drive even when I was 17 for only 7 weeks before my test and he made driving simple and did exactly what I wanted. I could not recommend him enough I cannot believe I passed first time with only 2 minor driving faults.

Would 100% recommend Steve he made driving fun and not scary or hard,  but sensible and in some ways obvious”

Dakota creed, South Brent.

I would highly recommend learning to drive with Richard

Harry Howell . Torquay

"I would highly recommend learning to drive with Richard! 
He is such a great instructor who lead me to passing my test first time with only 2 minors. 
I didn’t have a clue how to drive before starting my lessons and now I feel very confident when I am behind the wheel! 
Richard is such a genuine guy with a great sense of humor and he never once made me feel uncomfortable. Whenever i struggled with something we would simply have a chat about it and then fix it. I couldn’t have learnt with a better instructor!"
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I no longer have to plan my life around public transport

Tom Wileman Torquay

I decided to use Williams driving school as my sister had learnt with them a few years before and I had also read some positive reviews from people I know.

I was most worried about driving being too daunting overall because it was all new territory but my instructor Dave introduced everything slowly so I eases into it all. Dave was very patient and found a way to get me to understand every part of driving, and was always slagging off Man United too which is a different plus. Now that I car drive I have a feeling of independence, I no longer have to plan my life around public transport or trying to get a lift everywhere.

I like say a big thanks to Williams driving school for helping me to pass first time with eight minors. 

Rodel really friendly and helpful

Rodel really friendly and helpful

“I started learning to drive with Williams Driving School as I was given a 6 hour gift voucher for my birthday.

I picked driving up quickly with the help of my Williams Driving instructor Rodel, who was great. He would always be able to give advice with everything from the small mistakes to bigger mistakes.

I found Rodel really friendly and helpful and went he went into depth with everything making it for me to learn.

Now that I can drive it means me and my mates are no longer limited to Torquay as we can go where we like.

I passed my test first time with one minor error; I like to say a big thanks to Rodel and Williams Driving School for helping making this possible.”


I couldn't hope for a better instructor

Aran Ashley from Dawlish said this .....
"I would love to say a big thank you to SOL for helping me pass my test couldn't hope for a better instructor he is brilliant. So thank you ever so much"

I completed a three week intensive course with Sol

Harry Short from Torquay .

I chose Williams driving school because of the great reviews on the Internet and Facebook, but also the very reasonable introductory offer. I completed a three week intensive course with Solomon, one of Williams Driving School instructors.

 I was quite nervous and found driving to be a challenge to begin with, but with the excellent tuition that Sol gave me, I picked it up very quickly and as a result passed my test, first time, at the end of the three weeks intensive course.

 I could not have done it without Sol and Williams driving school, but the friendly, fun, humorous teaching methods helped me to get through it. Now that I have passed my test, I am able to concentrate on my last year of sixth form studies and look forward to university/employment in the years ahead. I would very much recommend Williams driving school to anyone looking to learn to drive and in particular a three week intensive course with Sol, as that means you learn skills quicker and as a result pass your test in a shorter amount of time!

Rodel santos was flexible with what hours I could learn

Rebecka Boon Review ..
"I decided to take lessons with Williams driving school after being advised by several friends over a Facebook status I wrote asking for information on what driving school people would recommend!i defiantly wasn't disappointed! I got paired with Rodel santos as he was the most flexible with what hours I could learn mostly being evenings! Rodel taught me a few things that I will take with me for life it's not just about learning to drive it's changing your life it opens up so many opportunitys for you and your family and creates a independence for you as a person! I was nervous about getting into a car with a stranger as anybody would be but Rodel was so friendly as soon as I got in the car I felt completely at ease! he told me he enjoyed his job because it's always a happy ending for the people he teaches which then boost me with confidence! I have benefited so much from driving I have three little boys that are full of energy as you can imagine and now we can leave the house come rain or shine trips to the beach are now constant and school runs will be hassle free it's also opened up a lot more opportunitys for me to commute to a evening job! Williams new I was in a rush to pass my test as is everyone the best thing about them is they don't hold into your custom just to make more money as it benefits them if you pass because then they can take on the next waiting customer which I think a lot of company's do! I started in May and passed in July I honestly thought it would take 6 months min fantastic company fantastic people 5* treatment thank you again for changing my life ! Rebecka."

I felt in perfectly safe hands

Tigi Timbrell Review

Williams Driving school was the obvious choice for me as they came highly recommended, they are one of many driving schools my family had discovered previously and the only one they could not appreciate enough.
Myself as a person am very nervous and seem to never really think I am fully ready to pass any test as such, Self critical and doubtful come to mind, although my ability often exceeds me. My driving instructor, Marc could not have made this easier for me with constant confidence manipulation and a fantastic attitude towards myself and my driving antics, I can not thank him enough.
Learning with Williams, and more specifically, learning with marc has been fun and interesting, while I felt in perfectly safe hands for the entirety of every session, previous experience dictates that is not always the outcome with a driving school.
It is safe to say that Williams Driving school, and Marc as an instructor both come highly recommended by myself, I can take comfort in the fact that I know my siblings will have no worries when it comes to learning such an important aspect of life because Williams driving school will be right there for them.

“I'd had two driving instructors in the past.”

Beth Copper Torquay

“I chose Williams Driving School after reading some fantastic reviews online and because of the great introductory offer.  I can sometimes be a bit of a nervous driver, thankfully Steve reassured me at all times and made driving a fun experience. Steve was a great instructor and provided a fantastic service; it was easy to talk to Steve which made the whole process a lot easier for me. Williams Driving School and Steve have a really good approach with teaching which really stood out to me, especially as I've had two driving instructors in the past. It's great that I have to no longer get the bus to Brixham from Torquay to see my family.  I'm very pleased to say I passed my test. Massive thanks to Steve, a great instructor who I'd recommend to anyone. I'm now looking forward to booking my motorway lessons soon!”

Marc always gave me sound advice.

“The reason I decided to go with Williams was because of the great first 6 hours Deal !

Also I saw a lot of people I knew had passed with Williams Driving School. I was most worried about everything there was to learn. My instructor (Marc) was great! He eased me into things and let me go at my own pace. Marc is a great instructor and a right laugh, he always made me feel at ease and sometimes when the thought of a driving lesson was daunting he made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed each lesson. I liked the fact that I got to choose when I was ready to do my test in my own time, and wasn’t rushed into it. Marc always gave me sound advice. I feel now that a big weight has been lifted off my shoulder now that I can drive, it opens up lots of more opportunities for me (jobs, location etc)”

Cannot thank my instructor Marc enough.

Sian said “Cannot thank my instructor Marc at Williams Driving School enough for all of his help.. His patients and giving me my confidence in driving again! I was such a nervous driver beforehand and now I feel at ease. I can't praise him enough, such a nice and down to earth guy, just what you need as an instructor. Great prices and I will promote you to whoever needs a helping hand with driving, thank you so much again! I'm absolutely buzzing!!!!”

Highly recommended driving instructor!

Thank you Williams Driving School and  Dave Williams! That's both my boys that have learnt to drive and passed with Williams! Highly recommended driving instructor and Driving School ! 

Janet Hardacre  Torquay 

Steve helped me pass.

Driving lessons Paignton 

"I went to Williams driving school because I had heard some good reviews from my friends.

i wanted to pass as soon as i could and Steve helped me do that, I passed  first time with only 3 minors

The service was good and my Instructor Steve was very easy to talk too and made you feel at ease when driving.

It’s really great not having to wait for a lift everywhere"

A great introductory offer

“I decided to book with Williams driving school because they were the company that I had been given more recommendations to than any other. Also, having made my enquiry, Dave responded very quickly with a great introductory offer and I had my first lesson only a week later.

There are many aspects of learning to drive that I felt were challenging. Learning something new in a real life situation is always nerve-racking, but Dave explained and demonstrated things very clearly and kept constant control of the car so I never felt I was in danger, which helped me to relax more.

I was very satisfied with Dave’s approach to teaching. I found the lessons effective and him a person who was very easy to get along with.

It was good to learn as part of a smaller, more independent and local driving school. I felt I was remembered and considered every week and there was never any backtracking, just steady progress each lesson.

Learning to drive has opened my life up incredibly. The independence it has given me, the ability to manage my days and my work more effectively and to visit and do things I wouldn’t have been able to do before are all things I don’t know how I lived without before.I passed my test with William’s with 7 minors.

Thanks for getting me on the road, Dave and all the best with the future.”

I didn't think I would ever pass

Emma Mortimore from Torquay who passed her practical driving test 17th June 2015 said " I didn't think I would ever pass ,as low in confidence and previous bad experiences! but thanks to marc Rosindale with his experience and guidance as well as his humour helped me to persevere and gain confidence to be able to get the licence I have only dreamed of thanks marc"

At the age of 46 I did not think I would ever pass

 I would like to give a big thanks to guy parfitt, for all your help and getting me past yesterday, at the age of 46 I did not think I would ever pass but you got me there and I have still not got the smile of my face, so it does not matter how old you are with the help of this driving school you can do it as im the proof of pudding right here, if anyone is thinking of using these people I would have no hesitation in recommending them with so much patience and knowing how to calm any nerves down they sure know how do it, and now its such a great feeling now I have passed, and to be very independent, and now on board to take my share in our delivery service for our business 

Once again a great big thanks to the Williams driving school, and most of all guy

I chose to switch to Williams Driving School.

I started learning with a rival driving school however after a considerable amount of time, I felt that I wasn’t at the stage that I should be and that I wasn’t making considerable progress. After recommendations from numerous friends, I chose to switch to Williams Driving School.

Before starting, I was most nervous about the manoeuvres however this quickly changed due to the well-structured lessons where I could focus on one at a time.

I highly recommend Williams Driving School, especially my fantastic instructor Dave who helped me to feel more comfortable and confident whilst driving. Now that I have passed, I hope to purchase a car which will help me with my day to day life.

My instructor was friendly, and a easy to talk to person

The reason I Choose Williams driving school was a friend recommended them to me , and the 6 hours for £66 try and see deal looked a good way to start.


Was worried most about being confident on the road but was reassured and helped out by my instructor Pete Madeley. Who was a friendly, and a easy to talk to person and reassuring when you messed up!

The best thing about being able to drive is that I don’t have to ask mum for lifts anymore!

I would recommend Williams Driving School as I Passed first time and from start to passing the team were a helpful and friendly.

The service was fantastic from the start!

Carla Dante Torquay

I wanted to book with Williams Driving School as I had been having lessons with another driving school however I had already failed twice and I felt as though my driving was not up to a good standard considering the amount of hours I had already received.

 I had heard really good feedback from a close friend who had passed with Williams first time, they came highly recommended.  The service was fantastic from the start! I contacted Williams and straight away they were able to help! We organised an assessment lesson for the next day and went from there. From start to finish it was great. Steve was a great instructor very informative; he simplified everything for me and was tough when he needed to be! , I really enjoyed my lessons.I was worried about everything!! I found learning to drive a challenge as I am a nervous person anyway; Steve was great he was so patient and calm! And as my lessons went on I just got more and more confident. .

What stands out must about Williams Driving School was the Good reputation, high pass rate

I now have general freedom! , having a licence  will help as my new job is in Chagford although its only on Dartmoor it just makes life a bit easier not having to rely on friends and public transport anymore!

Thank you again! Couldn’t have done it without Williams!

many friends that have successfully passed through them

Jake Hemmings Torquay 

Williams driving school stood out to me as I have many friends that have successfully passed through them and I was recommended by them. Just getting out on the road really with other people driving around you that could also make mistakes ,my instructor Marc awesome guy ,helped by starting small so in quite areas where nothing happens.. My instructor was very good and helped by sharing the small details about the drive. Just that it well known and that they can give a good service, for all ranges of people

You get more freedom and as I have restored a 1984 Austin mini I can go on adventures however I have recently had an operation so that me out for a little while

i passed my test first time 

Dave was calm, patient a

Scott Arthurs Torquay 

"I chose Williams because i had heard lots of good things about it including the high pass rate, I was quite nervous about the manouvers but Dave was calm, patient and showed me the step by step process to completing the manouver. Dave was the best instructor going, he kept calm and patient while teaching me all of the aspects of driving while still talking and having a laugh, the whole process was very proffessional and lessons were well layed out. Daves keep calm attitude and well layed out lessons stood out the most for me. I passed my test first time with 2 minors, i have benefited from learning to drive as i now have alternative means of transport to choose from. Cheers dave, you can use this wherever you like"

I was worried about the Penn inn

Mark Paignton

“I chose Williams driving school because of the good feedback on Facebook.I was worried about the Penn inn roundabout but Steve was awesome at giving me tips on how to tackle it.The service was first class and Steve was awesome and very good at his job.  I have already recommended Steve and Williams driving school to my friend’s.Passing my test means I can take my family out and a great chance of getting a better job.I passed after doing a 3 day intense course.I would highly recommend Williams driving school and Steve.

I really didn’t think I could do it don’t think Steve did either after my massive Penn inn mess on Monday but I did.

Great job thank you.Mark.”

My Williams instructor always speaking with me and not at me

Nathan Prescott  Torquay 

"Found Williams Driving school Online with Good, Local reviews with very positive feedback and what can I say, they certainly told the truth.
Learnt with Marc Rosindale who soon became more of a friend than an instructor always speaking with me and not at me, ensuring we learnt at a pace I was comfortable with.
With a driving school like this, regardless of whether your new to driving, Moving schools etc. Williams Driving School should defiantly be on your list of Choice!"

A fantastic teacher

Korina Torquay

Dave was my instructor . He was so helpful . A fantastic teacher. I didnt think i had it in me to pass my test but he managed to get me through it first time . He was patient and very well organised which made it easier to progress  . I thought by having a plan written down for what i needed to do and being graded on every lesson was very useful and i knew exactly what i needed to learn and practice on. Thanks dave 

Peter, without your assistance I don't think I would I passed my test

 Jonathan Merrin 

Stokenteignhead nr Newton Abbot 

"Thanks Peter, without your assistance I don't think I would I passed my test, you showed me everything to expect on the test as well some other things that will help me when I drive, the lessons were great and chill, it felt as if I was driving with a friend more than a teacher, you really helped me and like I said I dot think I could if done it without you."

The Williams driving schools services stood out,

Matt Tarr

"I chose Williams Driving School as a close friend highly recommended them to me.
I was most worried about attempting new manoeuvres but my instructor gave clear instructions and took you through them step by step He was called Dave and he was brilliant instructor, made you feel comfortable and more confident behind the wheel.
The Williams driving schools services  stood out,  receiving emails and texts to remind you of future lessons, the tick sheet that would allow you to know what you've done in a lesson and what you will be doing in future lessons. also the theory test help was fantastic in giving you the knowledge to pass your theory.
Now that I have passed driving will allow me to explore new places and be more independence. .
All in all a brilliant service and would recommend Williams driving school to anyone looking to start driving."

Overall I was impressed with the lessons

Brandon Burridge Torquay 

"I picked Dave Williams Driving School because it was recommended from a friend back in school and had very positive reviews. Before taking my lessons I was worried about my performance when driving, but Dave teaches well and brings the learning curve up steadily. Overall I was impressed with the lessons and their convenience for me from getting between lessons and work. I passed my practical and am now looking to get a car to get to and from an apprenticeship in the summer."

Professional whist being a likeable guy

Teo Emile 
Highly recommend Pete Madeley as a driving instructor. Professional whist being a likeable guy. Made learning a pleasant experience!

Having a driving licence will give me independence and confidence.

Ashley Torquay 

“I chose Williams Driving School through recommendation and I had heard about them having a high pass rate"

I was worried about having control of the car but my driving instructor Dave helped me gain confidence on the road

I found Dave easy to get on with and I we set a goal for each lesson so I knew what I was expected to achieve during the lessons.

The thing that stands out must about learning with WILLIAMS was r=that was learning at my own pace and didn’t feel rushed.

Having a driving licence will give me independence and confidence.

I would recommend Williams driving school to anyone as I enjoyed the experience, thank you Dave and I hope you had a nice anniversary in Venice.”


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