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Dave Williams

My name is Dave Williams and I established Williams School of Motoring in 2001 over which time the school has built up a excellent reputation for offering quality driving lessons in Torquay and the surrounding area. We are also well known for having a friendly face! 

Outside work Dave is involved in Local Theatre and has four children who regularly perform in shows.


James Rawley , Torquay said this about Dave

James Rawley , Torquay

I was recommended to Williams Driving school by two family members who had passed with them.

I also check out the reviews on the website and saw that they had a great pass rate.

Learning to drive was much more fun than I expected and due to each lesson having clear objectives I had fewer lessons than I had anticipated. 

Dave had a very relaxed way of teaching and also gave plenty of banter.

I have no doubt that I will be recommending Williams Driving School to my friends as everything was spot on.

Pete Madeley

 Pete Madeley  joined us as a driving instructor in 2013. Pete is based in Newton Abbot and has been a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor since 2009. Pete has a new Mazda as his driving school car. 

Outside work Pete is a keen guitar player and is a member of a Joy Division tribute band who play around local pubs and clubs.

Pippa said this about Pete

Pippa Harding Passed 1st time on 1/6/2016

I was really happy to pass my practical driving test 1st time!

I really would like to thank my instructor Pete Madeley he was very patient and funny and we got on really well.

I was nervous at 1st but Pete helped me to build my confidence.

I would 100% recommend Williams Driving School and Pete to my friends.

Guy Parfitt

We are pleased to say that we can now offer Automatic driving lessons. Guy Parfitt our new automatic instructor has many years’ experience in both Manual and Automatic instruction, but now only teaches only in a Automatic.

 I would like to give a big thanks to guy parfitt, for all your help and getting me past yesterday, at the age of 46 I did not think I would ever pass but you got me there and I have still not got the smile of my face, so it does not matter how old you are with the help of this driving school you can do it as im the proof of pudding right here, if anyone is thinking of using these people I would have no hesitation in recommending them with so much patience and knowing how to calm any nerves down they sure know how do it, and now its such a great feeling now I have passed, and to be very independent, and now on board to take my share in our delivery service for our business 

Once again a great big thanks to the Williams driving school, and most of all guy

Marc Rosindale

We are pleased to announce that Marc Rosindale has joined us as a driving instructor. Marc is based in Torbay and has been a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor since 2009. Marc has a new Ford Fiesta  as his driving school car.


 Customer Review 
Jabob Magill

When I was looking for a driving school I wanted one that was reliable. After reading some of the many reviews on Williams Driving School website, I decided to use them.
My instructor was called Marc Rosindale and he was very reliable and had great teaching methods which made learning a lot less stressful than I had imagined. 
The service I received was really good. 
“I would like to say a big THANK-YOU to Marc and the rest of the Williams Driving School

Stephen Croucher

Steve has been a driving instructor since 2004, and has run his own school Stevo,s for many years before joining Williams in 2014 .

Steve takes driver safety very seriously and has a ROSPA Driving qualification, which is one of the highest qualifications available to any car driver. 

“I was recommended Williams Driving School by a friend. My Instructor Stephen Croucher was patient and supportive making the learning stress free which all helped to build my confidence. Steve had an incredibly knowledge and used various teaching methods to help me pass. I will be recommended Williams Driving School to others due to my experience as my Instructor Steve was a fantastic instructor and I was able to trust him to help me pass my driving test”

Hamish Evans

Rodel Santos

We are pleased to announce that Rodel Santos has joined us as a driving instructor. Rodel is based in Torbay and has been a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor since 2013. Rodel has a new Ford Fiesta  as his driving school car. 

Rodel really friendly and helpful

“I started learning to drive with Williams Driving School as I was given a 6 hour gift voucher for my birthday.

I picked driving up quickly with the help of my Williams Driving instructor Rodel, who was great. He would always be able to give advice with everything from the small mistakes to bigger mistakes.

I found Rodel really friendly and helpful and went he went into depth with everything making it for me to learn.

Now that I can drive it means me and my mates are no longer limited to Torquay as we can go where we like.

I passed my test first time with one minor error; I like to say a big thanks to Rodel and Williams Driving School for helping making this possible.”


Richard Butterworh

Richard lives in Kingsteignton with his Wife and Daughter, he has been involved with Scouting all his life and as a Leader for the last 15 years. Richard is currently the District Explorer Scout Commissioner for Teignbridge District Scouts. In what little time left he is studying BA Hons in History.

Richard takes driving safety very seriously and is one of the few drivers to hold an RoSPA Advanced Drivers Test - Gold grade.


Harry Howell .said this About Richard

Harry Howell .

"I would highly recommend learning to drive with Richard!

He is such a great instructor who led me to passing my test first time with only 2 minors.

I didn’t have a clue how to drive before starting my lessons and now I feel very confident when I am behind the wheel!

Richard is such a genuine guy with a great sense of humour and he never once made me feel uncomfortable. Whenever i struggled with something we would simply have a chat about it and then fix it. I couldn’t have learnt with a better instructor!"

James Palmer

James Palmer has been a driving instructor for many years, he was the owner of Passmaster school of motoring before deciding to join the Williams driving school team.

James thinks that the best thing about being an instructor is that no two days are the same and he is always happy to see people pass their test and have the freedom of the road and is very excited to be joining Williams Driving School.

Before James was an instructor, he was a chef for TLH and was there for over ten years. James brings what he learnt from training people as a chef into driving instruction. He teaches in a relaxed manner which puts the student at ease and makes the lessons more enjoyable.

Sharon Williams

My name is Sharon and I am married to Dave Williams. I am a full time house wife which makes me always available to answer the telephone. I have a really good knowledge of driving and am able to answer must questions,

Outside of work I have 4 children, a cat and a dog I really enjoy walking the dog and spending time with the family .. 

Kate Masters on (Maternity leave)

Williams Driving School are very pleased to welcome Kate Masters to the team and can now offer lesson with both Male and female instructor, 

Kate lives in Teignmouth and is Married with two children#, Kate has always taught in the local area ,  

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